Pastor's Paragraph, 6/19/2018

Dear Church Family,

Sunday we start a new sermon series, "Songs for the Soul", which will be highlighting the Psalms. The Psalms contain powerful theological content wrapped in highly emotionally expressions. They comfort. They confront. They lift up. They tear down. They exalt God. They humble man. We can easily identify with many of the writings because we have experienced the emotions which drive them. The writers are committed to the truth of Scripture and the truth of God, but find themselves wrestling with the reality of living these out in a fallen world while battling one's own corrupt nature. The Psalms are real feelings being contended with by focusing on the real truths about God.

We will begin our journey by looking at Psalms 1. The writer provides a comparison between the righteous, those who trust in God, and the wicked, those who trust in oneself. One brings life and hope while the other brings death and destruction. Every day we must choose how we will live. Will we live plugged into God drawing our strength and purpose from Him? Will we live for self, bemoaning life when it does not feed our ego? As followers of Christ we can persevere in the stonn or the drought because He is our source of refreshing. As followers of Christ we can be an oasis for others wandering in the desert. Are you planted by the stream of living water.

FBCBC is where the "impossible" is a living reality every day and Connecting Christ with People is Our Purpose. Invite 3 people to Connect, Celebrate, and Contribute by being a part of what God is doing at FBCBC.

For His Glory,
Douglas Shows
Psalms 1:3

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