Pastor's Paragraph, 6/26/2018

Dear Church Family,

Sunday night we had a tremendous turnout for the Luther Rice class Engaging The Word. We viewed Lesson 1 “How did we get the Bible?” and Lesson 2 “How do I select a Bible?” Together we learned some of the history of the Bible and the unfathomable process and sacrifice endured by individuals to bring God’s Word into the English language making it accessible to us all. We got to understand the difference in the variety of English translations and determine the type best for our personal use. Join us this Sunday as we view Lesson 3 “How do I approach the Bible?” and Lesson 4 “How do I make sense of the Bible?” These lectures will introduce us to the process of reading and understanding Scripture better.

Sunday our sermon series “Songs for the Soul” continues by looking at Psalm 2. Our tendency, and our modern Christianity, follows the prevalent cultural view of God as a benevolent grandfather figure who only wants to spoil us. The writer of the psalm displays a different image of the Lord and his Anointed One, the Son. The warning to everyone is to not contend against the Lord because his victory is certain along with the destruction of those who oppose him. God laughs at the folly of those who resist his rightful rule. Every person born deserves only one action from this great God and it is their own destruction as God pours out his just and holy wrath upon all, us who are sinners and rebels against God. But this all-powerful God, who rightfully can destroy all of humanity, provides a place of refuge for the treasonous creatures called humans. He provides the Son. “Kiss the Son” cries the psalmist. Divert God’s wrath from yourself. Take refuge in the gift God has given, the Son. For this is the essence of being “blessed” by God. Are you “blessed” by God? Have you “Kissed the Son?”

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For His Glory,
Douglas Shows
Psalm 2:12

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