BK's Korner, 11/19/2019


From a child’s eye my grandpa’s life was very routine. Day after day it was the same and there was no deviation, except for Sunday of course. Here it is. He woke up before the sun came up. He went to the local café/coffee shop to have coffee with the men. Then he went down on the lease to begin whatever work he had planned for that day. He would come back to the house just before lunch. He would watch the mid day local news on t.v. then we would eat. Next, after we ate, he did it. I can still see his long skinny body laid on that feather mattress. You see, after lunch grandpa always took a nap. Always. Like clock work. He stretched out on that bed right by the window.

You know, naps or more accurately rest is very important to us and to our physical well being. I’ve traveled the world and have often wondered why ours is about the only culture I can think of that doesn’t take afternoon naps. Our bodies need periods of rest in order to maintain peak performance. Rest is so important that God built it into creation and into our lives. On the seventh day He rested. He gave us the Sabbath. Sabbath means rest. He rested on the seventh day. He instituted for us a Sabbath rest as well. You see, we need rest. Our bodies, minds, and spirits need time to rest and recuperate. You’ve probably heard the very old illustration about the mules that used to work in the coal mines. The miners said that if you worked a mule in the mines 7 days a week, that mule would go blind. The Sabbath rest keeps us from going spiritually blind. It keeps our spiritual eyes in working condition. Don’t forget to take you Sabbath rest each week. Our spiritual lives depend on it.

Rest keeps us refreshed. It helps us be ready for the afternoon or the next week, whichever the case may be. It enables us to give our best to what lies ahead. So yes, rest/naps are important. As you read this I will be getting some rest with my wife as we take a week off. I should be ready to hit the new year with a fresh energy and excitement. I hope you will be ready too. Get ready. Take a rest! Take a nap and tell your spouse I said it’s biblical. Hahaha

Have great week. Love you all
BK ><>

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