BK's Korner, 10/18/2021

I just want to say Thank you for the appreciation gift basket.  I will say this, y’all nailed it. All the stuff I love. I certainly hope I let you know how much I love you as you do me.  I love this church and the people who are here. I am very grateful to God for bringing us together.  I could do nothing of any consequence without you all beside me. Thank you again.

In one way the Pumpkin Patch is winding down.  By that I mean we only have 2 more weeks of the Pumpkin Patch being open. In another way it is really just now getting starting.  The busy season for the Pumpkin Patch is just now ramping up.  That was evident yesterday. We had our biggest day of the season so far.  As of close yesterday (Saturday night) we have sold $15,000 worth of Pumpkins.  My goal for this year is to sell over $30,000. I think we will make that goal.  The community loves The Patch.  The kids light up when they get out of their cars.  The Patch is the success that it is because of you.  You make it happen.  From people who set out pallets, build what is in someone else’s mind to those who unload trucks and sell Pumpkins.  It truly is a church effort and that’s the way it should be. We have done well.

Believe it or not we are moving in to the Holiday season.  I hope you enjoy it.  Please stay tuned for any upcoming events.  You will want to be a part and fellowship with your church family.

Love you all
Blessings to you
BK ><>

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