BK's Korner, 10/4/2021

Can you believe it is the Fall Season already?  The Pumpkin Patch is in full swing.  Guess what comes next?  Fall Festival then Thanksgiving and then Christmas.  Can you believe it?  Yes it is true the Fall/holiday Season has arrived.  Soon I can start wearing my flannel shirts and jean jacket. We will all see our families. We will eat too much. But hey, it’s the holidays so we will enjoy the fruits of the season.

Yesterday (Sunday) we talked about the Word of God being a foundation for our lives. I was reading Psalm 1:1-3 this morning.  It talks about the season of fruitfulness in our lives.  We all want to be fruitful for the Lord. We all want to bear fruit that pleases and brings honor to God. That season is accomplished through His Word.

Those verses tell us stop going down the path of those who live contrary to the ways of God.  It tells us to begin to focus on God’s Word.  To take it in and meditate on it. Think about it. Let it change us. It tells us the when the Word of God becomes our delight. Our desire. Then we are like a tree that is planted by the river.  We will have plenty of nourishment. We will then be fruitful.  It will be a season of fruitfulness for us. 

If we delight in God’s Word as individuals then that means we are doing it as a church body.  So when we become fruitful individually we also become fruitful corporately.   I want our church ( and you ) to be fruitful.  In order to do so we must lay the foundation.  We must plant ourselves by the river. We must delight in and take in God’s Word. 

I’m looking forward to the season of fruitfulness in our Church.  For now we sow the seeds and work the ground. We prepare our hearts and we let God’s word change us.  In due time the harvest will come! I’m ready. I’m waiting.

Have great week. See you at church and in the Patch

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