BK's Korner, 2/2/2021

Sunday was a good day in the Lord here at First Baptist Church. From beginning to end my heart was inspired and lifted up. It is good to see people returning to their place in the body. It is good to hear the people worshipping in the service. It is great to see everyone fellowshipping with each other on Sunday evening. It was just a good and uplifting day. If you are missing this new spirit in our church family then you are truly missing out. It is going to be a great year in our church. All we have to do is not get in God’s way!  Hahaha. 

I also want to thank all of you for the love gift that we collected 2 Sundays ago for Ignacio Vela. The Hispanic man who lost his wife suddenly.  Your generosity truly overwhelmed me.  I’m sure Ignacio was overwhelmed as well.  He was in our worship service Sunday.  I know that a few of you met him but may not have known who he was. I have learned one thing about this church … when there is a need all I have to do is let you know and it will be met. You all are truly a compassionate and giving church body.  May God bless each and every one of you!

Now it is time to get geared up for our Musical/Drama presentation of “A Baby Changes Everything” coming February 28. You don’t want to miss this. I am sure you will be blessed. The choir and Drama team have been practicing since about August. It is really coming together. So many people involved including those essential people behind the scenes running sound, lights, etc. It is truly a church wide event that will bless you tremendously!

I do want to just put this out there. We are finally moving toward the end of our remodeling process due to Hurricane Laura. Insurance money is almost spent and due to our deductible which is about $60,000,  we are going to have to complete the work out of our own pocket.  If you would like to make an extra gift to help offset this cost then please do so.  You can put it in an envelope and just write “repairs” or “Building fund” on it. Anything that would indicate to us what it is for. It would be appreciated.  

Continue to pray. Continue to go. Continue to watch. Continue to serve. Continue to love. 

Yall are the best. I’m blessed to be your pastor.
Love you all 
BK ><>

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