BK's Korner, 9/27/2021

BK's Korner

The Pumpkins have arrived at their new home and are resting comfortably next to our church. I can’t say thank you enough to everyone who helps make the Pumpkin Patch a success. So many showed up on Saturday morning to get everything ready. The decorators have done a great job again this year. You  need to go check it out. There was a fantastic turn out to unload the truck. If I didn’t see you and thank you personally, just know that I really do appreciate it.

I know that some of you had other plans over this weekend and you really regret not being able to be here and help. Well, I’ve got GREAT news for you. We are actually expecting another half a load of pumpkins on Saturday October 16 at 3pm! A half a load will replenish us perfectly to carry us to the end of the season. A half a load will be nothing to unload. All proceeds from the Pumpkin Patch will go into our Mission Fund. We can use it to fund all kinds of Mission endeavors. Maybe we can finally take that trip to actually drill a water well next year. We did fund one the year we couldn’t go.

 We also need people to sign up to sell the pumpkins each day. We are scheduling in 3 hour shifts. It’s very easy. We just need someone to man the tent each day. Hope you will find a time to help in this way. To sign up, see the sign up sheets in the sanctuary on the table, piano side. You can also call Pat here in the office or email me to sign up!

Above all, please enjoy the Patch with your family. Take pictures. Bring the kids out and just let them play. Buy pumpkins if you want. On Saturday between the Pumpkin Patch and the First Saturday give away there should be a lot of activity here at our church. I’m very excited about it.

Please continue to pray for our Youth Minister search committee. They are still working. They are still interviewing. We just need God to put His sovereign hand on the entire situation so that it is in accordance with His plan. So Just pray!

Hope everyone is enjoying the weather. Seek the Lord.

 Love you all BK ><>


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