2 Timothy 2:15…..”do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.”

Wherever I am in my daily life, at work, at church or just out and about in the world, I always examine myself.  Actually,  I think I cross-examine myself. I always second guess my words to others, was it right, was it up-lifting, was it the wrong thing to say?  
I am reminded of the Scripture above about doing our best for God.  I want to be approved of by God.  I have written before that I always had the issue of wanting everyone to like me.  I am thankful that God has grown me to a place where pleasing Him is the number one goal for me.  It is a very thrilling place to be in life.  

I do also remember the very familiar Scripture, “…..thou shalt love the Lord thy God………thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.” Matthew 22:37-39

So here I am maneuvering my way through life, doing what God asks me to do while being careful to love others by lifting them up or helping them with their needs.  However, I do realize that the goal we need to have in mind through all the physical needs we may strive to meet, is the testimony of the gospel that we are to be sharing with everyone.  

I read something recently that someone I love very much wrote about their belief in God, or the lack of belief.  It went right through my body and pierced my heart.  Even though I know about the doubts this person has, it is very hard to see it in print.  One of the statements they made was that the only reason someone would believe in a deity is because someone told them to.

Well, I am one of the guilty ones that told them about God.  I made the statement after reading their words that I will never be sorry for sharing the truth of God and what He did for us through the sacrifice of His Son.  He made the way!

I thought again about the statement “the only reason someone would believe is if someone told them to”.  I say the only reason someone will have the choice to believe is if we tell them about Jesus.

It is always going to be up to the person as to what they believe.  We can’t make someone believe.  We are just to tell.  God will do the drawing.

For His Glory,  Debbie 

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