A Spine of Steel

A Spine of Steel
When you look to the pages of history there will be many men and women who command respect. They are those who stand resolute in the face of adversity. They may be gentle and winsome at home with their children, but when adversity rises they stand with a spine of steel which commands the respect of all. There are many of these individuals throughout history. Some are more well known than others, but each is of value.

Martyn Lloyd-Jones is a name that scarcely needs introduction. Lloyd-Jones was a Welshman (which means he was from Wales) who thundered in the pulpit. His commentary on the book of Romans is 14 volumes long. The wisdom, grace, and tenacity he had was the clear work of Christ. He was a lion in the pulpit, yet as gentle and kind as imaginable in person. His passion for Christ is rivaled by few.

Where then do we see Lloyd-Jones' spine of steel? It is perhaps my favorite scene of his life. Lloyd-Jones took a pastorate in a church that was well known for being difficult. This church had a “drama ministry” that would perform plays on Saturday evenings to try and draw the community to the church building. When Lloyd-Jones came into the church he had the pulpit bolted to the floor so that it could not be moved from its position. He stood, resolute and determined to have all men know that the primary ministry of that church (and he would argue any church) is to be the preaching of the Word of God. Lloyd-Jones would go on to minister at Westminster Chapel for nearly 30 years. 

Lloyd-Jones was committed to the right preaching and teaching of the Word of God. He would not let the church capitulate to pragmatism. Truly Lloyd-Jones stood with a spine of steel. May God raise up more men like Martyn Lloyd-Jones who are zealous for the Word of God. Those who will not fold to the spirit of the age, but who hold fast to Christ Jesus.
Grace be with you,
C. R. Hamilton

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