Thank-you for the Christmas bag ...
Thank you deacons for my Christmas bag of very nice gifts. Thank you for remembering us widows this time of year. *I did enjoy visiting with Russell and Dorine, they brought the bag to me. May God bless you all and this church.--Patricia Lawson **** I want to thank you all for the big bag of Christmas gifts and goodies. It was so very sweet of all of you to think of me and I have to say Mrs. Gussie Clark, you have a very nice and friendly son. I enjoyed his visit very much. I do miss you, too,. Ms. Gussie. God Bless all of you. Have a very Merry Christmas and may we all remember the true meaning of Christmas. - Love you all,, Linda Mayeaux **** Thanks to all of the deacons for the pretty bag with all the nice and useful gifts. Also for Randy and Pat’s visit. It was nice for the deacons to share the Lord’s Supper with me. - Bless you all, Lois Parker **** Thank you for the Christmas goody bag. Deanna Crull does a great job putting these together. Thank you, Randy and Pat Rickenbrode, for the visit and delivery. Maxie Neely, and Philip and Hiram Clark also are appreciated for checking on me throughout the year and helping me with things that come up at home. By your actions, I feel loved and cared for. - Lynn Richard
— , 01/10/2017
Thank you, First Family
Thank you, First Family, for the generous staff gift given to us this year. We love and appreciate each and every one of you. - Bro. Doug, Aaron, Chris, Suzonne Pat, Jackie, Velma, Brittany, & Thelma **** We would like to thank the deacons and FBC members for the very generous staff gift. - John Woods
— , 01/10/2017
Pastor Doug and Amy Shows and the First Family extends their sincere love and sympathy to the following:
Aaron & Crystal Little and family in the homegoing of her grandfather, Horace Peveto, and Jeff & Grace Dumesnil and family in the homegoing of her brother, Mitch.