On Sunday in Children’s Church, we learned that God wants us to obey!  We talked about a fish in a bowl. How many of you have ever had a pet fish?  Here at our house, we have two aquariums.  One has an eel (Murray is doing well, Mr. Robert and Mrs. Ouida), and the other has a variety of fish.  Though the fish inside may not know it, the glass of the aquarium is very important.  It’s the glass that holds in the water so that the eel and fish can be safe and be where they are supposed to be.  Eels are notorious for climbing out of aquariums.  Now, as they need water to breath, you can see how going where they aren’t supposed to can be a problem.   When they don’t obey the boundaries of bowl and water that bad things will happen.  

We talked about Jonah and his disobedience to God.  When he disobeyed, bad things happened.  God wants us to always obey Him.  This doesn’t mean that life will be cupcakes and rainbows.  Sometimes we will still suffer and go through hard situations, but when we obey, it means we trust God and the plan He has for us.  He doesn’t promise that life will always be easy, but He does promise that He will be with us.  If He tells you to do it, and brings you to it, He will certainly bring you through it.

Sunday night we talked about the Parable of the lost sheep. I am so thankful that we service a merciful loving God that loves us even when we go astray.  

Wednesday we will be talking about the results of our Spiritual Gift survey and what it means.  We will be talking about how we can use our Gods to their fullest for the glory of God.  Hope to see you there!

That the next generation may know,


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