Chidren's Ministry Director--Chris Bailey

January 16, 2018

Sunday night we kicked off our "Incredible Faith" Bible Study beginning with the daring adventures of "ArkMan". If you haven't figured it out, "Arkman" is known as Noah in his day to day life. The children enjoyed learning about Noah's story, and about how he was able to do something amazing by following God's directions (even when they sounded a little crazy). When we are willing to follow God's lead, we can accomplish huge things! Next week, we will be learning about "Mr. Obedient"... stay tuned for more!

Thank you so much for all the snacks that have been donated to the Children's Department! These are such a blessing to us, and the kids just love them!

I wanted to take a moment to share with you about last Wednesday night at the Children's portion of the Rally. We shared with them the “Faith Spinners” lesson and built a giant fidget spinner of many colors and we talked about Joseph life and put sticky notes on each of the “Weights” of the spinner with Joseph problems listed on them. I spun the giant spinner and told the kids that it represented Joseph’s life. So I put a sticky note that read ”GOD” on the center, and immediately they noticed that while everything was spinning around, GOD never moved.... He stayed the same. After that, I took off Joseph’s notes and passed out sticky notes and pens to the children. I asked them to write their fears, their worries, and anything else that maybe need prayer. I then had the kids place their sticky notes on the giant spinner. Once again I spun it and the kids saw that even though the crazy stuff is going around in their life that God is still there in the center of it all an not changing or moving... He is steadfast...this was huge for some of those children. I have since been praying for the notes on that spinner as it sits in my office. Some of the things written on those tiny notes broke my heart. I really feel as though in some small way, something in the lives of these children was changed that night, even though the kids that attended may not realize it yet...It was such a precious time. Since that night, I have heard from adults how the children have shared their "fidget spinner" lesson with them... It's amazing how God works, using the smallest, most non-important thing like a fidget spinner to reach others for Him!

Thank you for your continued prayers for the children and workers, they mean to so much!

That the next generation may know of God's grace,


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