Sunday Evening Classes


Adults -- Connect, Celebrate, Contribute, Invite 3

Sunday night we will begin a five-week session (April 8- May 6) of family meetings in the Family Life Center to share, discuss, and position ourselves to be used by God. We will be looking at our purpose, Connecting Christ with People, and the concepts of Connect, Celebrate, Contribute, and Invite 3. FBC Bridge City has a reason for being here and there is a reason you are a part of FBCBC. Your presence matters and your participation is important. Don’t miss the opportunity to join in the conversation and be involved in what God is doing at FBCBC. 


Children -- Hands-On Faith

The five-week unit will be called “Hands-On Faith”. Each week we will be learning about what it means to have faith, the results of our faith, that it gives us strength and can grow, as well as learning a bit about grace.  I am excited about these upcoming lessons, as well, because they use simple yet fun science experiments to help learn about faith. I am so excited to begin this fun series of lessons, and help the kids to learn more about life changing faith in Christ.

We will once again be feeding the children a light supper, and then separating into our classes.  I will be printing out a menu to let you know what we will be eating. If you child does not like the menu item, they are welcome to bring a meal, or eat before they arrive.  -- Chris