Welcome Cody Hamilton, Youth Minister

Cody Hamilton is 26 years old and is a recent graduate of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.  Since his graduation in May 2021, he has been assisting in planting a church in Missouri.


What’s Next?
Summer has come and gone. August is here and will be gone in the blink of an eye. Pumpkins will be here soon and then Christmas will be upon us. So, with Summer in the rearview mirror and a new school year in front of us, what’s next?

With the Youth we have our back-to-school bash this coming Friday. It’ll be a great time to just hang out and relax as the students gear up to head into their first full week of classes. 

In less than three weeks we will be hosting Breakfast of Champions. This is a great opportunity for us to have a bunch of students come to our church who may have never been here before. It is our chance to talk to them, love on them, and tell them about Christ. We’re going to be cooking up pancakes by the boatload. If you have served before and want to do it again then join on in! If you have not and you want to, you are welcome too! We need volunteers to pull this thing off and feed some hungry students!

Beyond these things, we have our normally scheduled events. On Wednesday evenings we are doing a Bible overview. This week we will, Lord willing, cover the Prophet Isaiah. If you are curious to know what we do on Wednesday nights, then you are always welcome to swing by. 


A Harvest You Might Not Reap
Quite often is success measured in numbers. In business, the goal is to make money. Therefore, we would associate success with our financial income increasing. For business this could be considered an appropriate way to measure success. However, is this the way a church should measure success? Is it the case that if our numbers are increasing then we have success?

Some would say yes. If our attendance, membership, and giving are on the rise then we are seeing success. While this could be a possible indication of growth and success, it is not THE measure of success. We could all point to many “churches” that have great numbers when it comes to attendance, membership, and giving, yet are void of any true gospel presence. So then, what if we labor all our life and we see no fruit from the labor of our hands? 

Paul, when addressing the Corinthian church, told them that he planted, Apollos watered, but God is the One who would give the growth. It is the Lord’s work, in His timing, that gives growth to the labor of our ministry. It very well could be the fact that we may spend our entire lives sowing the seed of the gospel and yet never see the fruit of it. We could be the one taking the first steps to allow those after us to water and then reap the harvest. This was the work that Jim Elliot had. Jim died before he could ever see the fruit of what his labor would produce. Yet, without him and his fellow missionaries the people he was trying to reach would have been overlooked and forgotten.

So, as we go about ministry, may we be content if the Lord has us sowing. If we never see the fruit of our labor, we can trust that the Lord will give the growth. The Lord will send laborers into the field to reap a harvest. We pray and hope for the harvest and are content if we are simply the sowers.


Holding On When You Feel Like Giving Up

The wind and water shift with the changing of the tide. The call comes from the helm, “abandon ship!” As you look around you can see the condition of the boat, the bones worn, the hull battered, the sails torn. Even so, the captain remains steadfast behind the wheel of his vessel as the rest of the crew makes a run for the lifeboats. As you look around, nearly in a trance, someone shakes you back to reality to tell you that all is lost, the ship will sink and capsize soon. Perhaps this is true, for you are surround by the darkest of clouds and the storm will assuredly not relent. 

In many ways the Christian life can feel like this type of situation. Many Christians have gone through difficult times in their lives. And those who weather the storm time and again will be able to tell you of the heart ache when someone they held dear abandoned ship. They walked away from the faith. How do we hang on when we feel like giving up?

1 Peter 5:10, “And after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you.” Peter tells those he is writing to that in due time God himself will lift them up. He will give them strength. He will establish them. He does this as the “God of all grace.” God, in his grace, will give you the strength to stand and stay. So, when we want to throw the towel in, we fix our eyes upon Jesus, the Author and Perfector of our faith. We look to Him, the Captain of our souls. For he shall never lead us astray. He shall certainly keep us to the end.

We are excited about giving away school supplies in August!  We will have pencils, crayons, glue sticks, spiral notebooks and boxes of Kleenex for sure and maybe more.  We will be giving away pulled pork sandwiches as well!   We are not asking for your help for this event because some money was donated to us, so we are able to purchase these items.  You can still help by praying for us and for First Saturday!  We always welcome you to come out and help distribute items, Bibles and pray for those who ask for prayer.  Thank you for all you do!!

Grace and Peace, 
C. R. Hamilton

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