October 17, 2017

Just as the obedience of one Christian can bring blessing to others, the sin of one Christian can bring harm to many others. The children of Israel were rapidly advancing into the Promised Land. They had experienced a miraculous victory over the city of Jericho, and they were continuing toward their next conquest. To their surprise they met decisive defeat as they attempted to capture the small town of Ai. They sought God's explanation for their failure, and He provided it. He revealed that someone among them had disobeyed His clear command not to keep any possession from Jericho. The disobedience of one man and his family had paralyzed an entire nation! Achan thought he could conceal his sin and it would not affect anyone else. God chose to demonstrate the destructive power of one sin to His people. One act of disobedience cost Achan and his family their lives. It caused his countrymen to lose the battle; innocent soldiers were killed. His sin had serious repercussions for others, denying them the blessing, power, and victory of God. Our individual sin will have an impact on others. Choosing to disobey God may cost your family God's blessing. The power of God may be absent from our church because you are living in disobedience. Our friends may suffer because we are not living righteously. Diligently seek to obey every word from God, for we do not know how our disobedience could affect those around us. Scripture promises that if we will obey the Lord, our life will be a channel of blessing to others.

Be Intentional,

Aaron Little -- Minister to Students

Hot Hearts 2018 tickets will go on sale to the public beginning November 1st. I will need to know from students if they plan on attending so that we can purchase the appropriate amount of tickets! The cost, while not officially set, will be about $50.00, which will include the cost of admission and lunch on the Saturday afternoon of the event. Hot Hearts 2018 will truly be a very special Hot Hearts, as of the latest announcements Micah Tyler will be leading worship! It has been truly a blessing to have watched Micah grow from a youth pastor at Genesis Baptist Church in Buna, to the Real-Life stage, to the national stage, and now the Hot Hearts stage! Congratulations Micah on a job well done, to God be the glory!

Winter Retreat planning is underway with great enthusiasm. We are currently unable to announce much now, but what we can say is that it’s going to be HUGE! Mark your calendars for December 28th-30th, save about $40.00 per participant, and get ready! You will want to make sure and invite a friend! Do not miss out on this once in a lifetime event and even more on what GOD will do!

Stay tuned for upcoming Student Ministry Activities

Regular Weekly Schedule

Sunday Morning Bible Study, 9:15 am

Oct. 31st- Fall Festival – TBA- FBCBC West Parking lot- Free
Dec. 10th- Church Wide Christmas Production-FBCBC-Free
Dec. 20th- Christmas Party – FBC Student Wing- Free
Dec. 28th-30th- Winter Retreat- Crystal Beach- Cost- $30.00

(Prices subject to change)

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