April 10, 2018

POD Group Update

Another week has passed, and more shake ups have occurred in our POD group challenge. As most of you know our students have taken on a major shift in our approach to ministry! While the message of Christ will remain steadfast and Gospel centered, the method of delivery will change! Enter the POD Group. Many have asked what POD stands for, well it can be seen from many directions as it means either Place of Distribution, Place of Discipleship, or simply Peas in a POD. The main Idea remains the same, it is a small group designed at reaching our community and church. This set up not only encourages students to be involved, but also aids in learning to be committed to a church and becoming more active within the church! Current POD Group standings as of April 8th are…. POD 3- 110,510 Pts, POD 1 –82,000 Pts , Pod 4- 62,475 Pts, POD 2- 53,500 pts. POD 3 continues to be on a roll as they have really separated themselves as the clear front runners! In over 10 years of student ministry, I have never seen a group as committed! This group has 5 members (our smallest group) and its members are Saysha Milstead, Ethan Morgan, Brandon Milstead, Kaydence Thibodaux, and Sadie LeBleu. This group has found out quickly that responsibility earns points much faster than the challenges! Each POD group now have POD Badges that must be present at every meeting for their group to earn points for that meeting. NO badge equals NO points for the day, and they are required to pass the badge around during the week to ensure it arrives to church on church day as the badge cannot be left at the church. If the badge is found at the church, intentionally or not, they lose ALL points to date! This teaches active communication outside of church, and of course responsibility within the church environment!

I am also super excited to announce that the students will have an exciting announcement in the coming week! Please be looking in the next bridge builder or any FBCBC Students social media platforms for this announcement to be made! Funny, as I think this may be our first announcement about an announcement!

Be Intentional,

Aaron Little -- Minister to Students

Jun. 9th-World Changer's Mission Trip -- Church Planting @ New Orleans, LA ($100)

Jul. 3rd-SETBA  Youth Camp @ Newton ($150)

Jul. 19th-Kemah ($45)

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