The Never Ending Disco

The Never Ending Disco
Everyone is busy with something. For some it is the regular 9 to 5 that never ends. For others it is endless piles of laundry and a magical set of Lego bricks that never seem to leave the floor, regardless of how many times they are put away. It seems that most people’s lives are like a never ending disco party. Disco, popular in the 70’s, was full of upbeat rhythm, bright colors, and a constant movement. Distraction by colorful entertainment, regular rhythms of the day, and constant movement seem to characterize every age. 

However, this is nothing new. The renowned Greek philosopher Plato lamented that those in his day lived “a distracted existence.” Certainly the things that we can distract ourselves with are not the same in 2023 as they were in Plato’s time. Yet, the ability for man to distract himself with anything and everything transcends time and culture. 

Dear reader, there is an endless amount of media that you could dedicate your life to and never take it all in. You could watch television, movies, and stream all types of shows and never see it all. You could listen to music or podcasts until you go deaf and never hear it all. There is too much to take in for one person. There are never ending seasons of sports with all types of leagues to join and participate in. In essence, there will always be an excuse to neglect Christ, His Kingdom, and His Church.

There is no lack of reasons to give in neglecting Christ. However, what would it look like if Christ’s people began anew to give excuses not to neglect the things of Christ. What would our community, friends, and family begin to consider if our excuse to miss this or that was because we were committed to gathering with Christ’s people more often. 

This cannot be laid down as a law. Of course things pop up and will require attention that will draw us away from an occasional time of gathering with Christ’s people. However, if there is always an excuse for not gathering with Christ’s people then it begins to show what we really think about Christ, His Bride, His Kingdom, and more. Do not let the endless disco distraction of this age be an excuse to neglect Christ. Instead, lean into Christ. Our prayer service on the second Sunday of every month would be a good place to begin if you need somewhere to start. I hope to see you there. 

Grace be with you, 
C. R. Hamilton

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